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Here at RH Removals we know that a home is more than bricks and mortar. We know that a home is full of memories, both happy and sad, it is full of experiences and it is a showcase of your life, loves and adventures.

Therefore, we know that moving house can be stressful for practical reasons but also for emotional reasons too.

Moving house is about new beginnings. Moving house is a lot more than simply carting boxes from A to B.It’s about packing your belongings, your heirlooms and your memories safely so they survive the journey intact. t’s about ensuring you only take what you want into your new home.

RH Removals are happy to help remove old furniture, and unwanted items and dispose of them ethically.

It’s about excitement in entering your new home and starting making memories there. RH Removals can help with space management and pre-planning furniture placement within the new property to ensure there are no nasty surprises on the day.

s about ensuring your new home is ready to move into. RH Removals can arrange for security systems, furniture to be built and even help with the unpacking.

It’s about leaving your old home up to the estate agents’ standards in preparation for the new occupants moving in. RH Removals offer a cleaning service so your home is ready for the new owners

Here at RH Removals we are more than a removal company. We ensure your house move is a pleasant experience and we are here every step of the way to ensure you start your new life, in your new home with the most positive experience possible.

Our Packages



We Pack the kitchen and fragile items around the house. You pack the rest. 



Our full service we do everything required to move you into your new home. 



You get full advantage our our 5 star service but we leave the packing / Assembly of furniture down to you.

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